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Westside Art Hop

October 2023 Map

Artists and Venues, Ann Arbor, MI

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Complete printable brochure
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Parking - please be respectful of homeowners. Street parking is widely available, (all day Sun, west of 3rd St. Sat) but we want all our neighbors to be happy to have Art Hop in the neighborhood! Please use free lots marked on the map where possible.
Avoid Church parking Sun before 11:45.

Accessibility: Tents and Garages are step free.  Interactive and printed map mark accessibility (Y, N, partial)

Art Hop is a typically quirky Ann Arbor event. Local artists on the historic West Side open their homes or studios to the public, and visiting artists share spaces in neighbors' porches, garages, yards, in Gretchen's House Childcare Centers I & II, or with local artist-hosts. The festive two-day event is in a walkable area with easy parking. Held in June and October, Art Hop is inexpensive for artists and FREE to visitors.

The idea for Art Hop grew up organically from a few local artists: Sophie Grillet, Laila Kujala, Susan Major, and Lucie and Larry Nisson.  Sophie Grillet is now the organizer with indispensable support from Lucie and Larry, essential organizational assistance from Anne Rogers (aka Twirling Frog) and terrific publicity by Caitlin Boyd Jensen with help from Mary Eldridge, Chris Hippler  and many more.

“Artists supporting artists by holding a twice-yearly art walk rooted in the local community. We present high quality art and hand-made crafts for sale to the public in a festive atmosphere.”

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