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Artists Agreement

Westside Art Hop! oct 2022

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: please read before Registering! 
Agreement required for participation.

  • ​I am over 18 and will contribute $40 to take part in Westside Art Hop on Oct 1st-2nd 2022 (unless I host at least one other Registered artist, or have a special discount code).

  • Discounts include: Couples living at same address; or financial hardship.  Artists hosting other artists, or all proceeds going to a Charity (as approved by Westside Art Hop) are FREE. Email for discount code.

  • I understand that I need to Register by Sept 10 to guarantee that my name appears on the Westside Art Hop map and 'Artists and Venues' webpage.

  • I understand if I drop out, there will be only 50% Registration refunded from Sept 16 and none after Sept 23. Applications are non-refundable (exceptional circumstances considered).

  • I have added and to my contacts to ensure email delivery to my inbox (and I will check junk mail).

  • ​I will bring for sale only work created and/or designed by myself (or with a Participating partner). Scented products shall not constitute more than 20% of my items for sale unless in my own tent. Simple strung purchased beads are not accepted. 

  • I agree to help publicize the event by volunteering for the fly-posting team; &/or the pennant & lawn sign team; returning any signs & pennants promptly after the event); &/or in other ways, such as emailing my contacts, sharing on social media tagging westsidearthop, etc.

  • I will be considerate to my host by being helpful and communicative, and leave my venue clean and in good time, but not before 5 p.m. except in extreme weather, by request of the host, or in an emergency. I will not smoke or vape at or near any Art Hop venue. I WILL WEAR A MASK indoors around other people especially children. I WILL BE VACCINATED & BOOSTED against Covid19 at least two weeks prior.

  • ​If for any reason I am unable to participate, I will let the organizers AND my Host know as soon as possible, so a waitlisted artist can take my place. 

  • If Art Hop is cancelled, artists will be refunded 80% of jurying and/or Registration. (Exceptional individual circumstances/hardship considered.)

I agree that any harm or damage caused as a result of my participation as an artist in Westside Art Hop shall be a matter between me and and my host, and if necessary, my and my host's insurance companies. Westside Art Hop and its organizers shall not be held liable.


Registration in Art Hop shall constitute acceptance and agreement to conform to these terms.



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