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Westside Art Hop is for Artists

Ann Arbor Michigan's quirkiest Art Fair

Art Hop supports artists and helps them thrive. We keep participation costs low, while maintaining high quality work to attract art buyers.

June 15-16 Applications now CLOSED

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APPLY Call for Artists

Applications from artists to participate in June 15th-16th, 2024 Art Hop are now closed. In general, prospective artists must Apply, even if they participated before. 


REGISTER Accepted/Invited artists

Those accepted following Application are invited to  Register. If this is you, you may go ahead and complete the Registration form ($50). You'll receive the page's password with your invitation. 

  • If the Application or  Registration fee causes hardship for you, or prevents you from participating, please Contact us for a discount (more info on discounts on Dates & Rates page).
  • If you'd like to be an Artist-Host (hosting another Registered artist) in our area, your participation in Art Hop in October may be Free! (MUST be preapproved.)

Where in Ann Arbor are the artists' venues?


We have three focus areas  on the West Side south of W Liberty: the Eberwhite area; the Princeton & 4th-6th St area; and the 1st-3rd St area. All include artists' own homes or studios, most of whom may host other artists. Eberwhite and Princeton-5th include volunteer hosts (our generous neighbors) who are not themselves artists.

You don't need a tent!

Most of our artists are in garages, or on porches, or - if you have your own 10' x 10' tent - in a yard or a driveway. We are also fortunate that two Gretchen's House Childcare centers in the neighborhood host Art Hop for the weekend. We depend on the generosity and goodwill of neighbors to host our artists.  We are one of the great local events that people love about Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Saturday  10 am - 5 pm

Sunday noon - 5 pm.


Please do read the Prospectus/Artists Agreement, FAQ's and use our Contact page if you have questions. We hope you'll join us!

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Why Vaccination

* Our artists are placed on the private property of a host, so it's reasonable that we honor any vaccinated artist request.

Also be prepared to Mask Up! if requested to. Some folks are vulnerable. 

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