Westside Art Hop is for Artists

Ann Arbor Michigan's quirkiest Art Fair


Art Hop supports artists and helps them thrive. We keep participation costs low, while maintaining high quality work to attract art buyers.

for Oct 2022!

New artists 

Applications from artists who are new to Art Hop are now CLOSED for October. 


Accepted artists following a successful Application, will be invited to Register.


Returning Artists, - who have been in Art Hop regularly (i.e. five or more times), may Register. If this is you, or you have been invited to Register, you may go ahead and complete the Registration form ($40).

If you'd like to be an Artist-Host (hosting another Registered artist) in our area, your participation in Art Hop in October is Free! If the Registration fee causes hardship for you, Contact us (more info on Dates & Rates page).

Where in Ann Arbor, Michigan does Art Hop happen?


We have three nearby focus areas South of W Liberty: the Eberwhite area; the Princeton & 4th-6th St area; and the 1st-3rd St area which includes artists own homes or studios around the neighborhood, some of whom may host other artists as well. Around 80 artists from near and far display their work; how many we can accommodate depends upon how many kind neighbors offer to host our artists between Pauline & W Liberty.

You don't need a tent!

Most of our artists are in garages, or on porches, or - if you have your own 10' x 10' tent - in a yard or a driveway. We really are ensconced in the neighborhood, dependent on the generosity and goodwill of neighbors to host our artists.  We are one of the great local events that people love about Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Saturday  10 am - 5 pm

Sunday noon - 5 pm.


Please do read the Prospectus/Artists Agreement, and use our Contact page if you have questions. We hope you'll join us!

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* Our artists are placed on the private property of a host, so it's reasonable to expect that they should be vaccinated & boosted before entering the home or childcare center to use the restroom!

Also Mask Up! in crowded areas. Please encourage our visitors to do so too.