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Westside Art Hop!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I Apply to be in Westside Art Hop?

A. Find the “Apply” button on the “For Artists” webpage. See “Dates & Rates for Artists” for Application and Registration deadlines.

Q. What's the difference between "Application" and "Registration?

A. You Apply to the jury and if accepted, you'll be invited to Register.


Q. I’ve been in Art Hop before - can I Register without reapplying to the Jury?

A. Very few artists, mostly Artist-hosts or Art Hop volunteers will be invited to pre-Register without applying to the jury. Others will need to re-Apply, so that Art Hop can open opportunities to new artists. 


Q. What kind of work is likely to be accepted into Art hop?

A. See “What Jury Looks For” on the website, under “For Artists”. Your work may be excellent, but the number of places are limited! Also we seek to balance the range of media and to keep the size of the show below 90 artists to be fully walkable over the weekend. 


Q. What does it cost to participate?

A. Application is $18 and Registration is $50. All artists are welcome even if they’re broke! Send us an email with a brief line about why you could use a discount, and we’ll be happy to send you the Discount code. Artists under 25 at Art Hop can use the code U25 ($12) on the Application. Two artists making the same art together count as one. Cohabiting artists must apply separately, but mention each other to share a reduced rate venue if accepted.

Q. Is there a prospectus, or an Agreement I'd be signing up to?

A. Yes, please view the Artists Agreement that you need to agree to when you Register. It's just one page setting out your obligations (to hosts) and responsibility (to Art Hop).


Q. Does Art Hop only accept local artists?

A. The great majority of our artists come from within about an hour of Ann Arbor. We do consider others, but we discourage professionals who tour the Art Fair circuit.


Q. I’ve never done an Art Fair before - is this for me?

A. Yes! We always include some newcomers, and you don’t even need a tent (see below).


Q. I don’t have a tent - do I need to get one?

A. No, you don’t need a tent, although they're very welcome. Some of our artists do and some don't have one. Most of our artists are in garages, or on porches, or - if you have your own 10' x 10' tent - in a yard or a driveway. We are also fortunate that two Gretchen's House Childcare centers in the neighborhood host Art Hop for the weekend. 

Q. Does Art Hop have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy?

A. YES! That's why we ask for (but don't require) your bio identity on the application form. Let us know if you see lapses or can suggest improvements or good strategy.

Q. If it’s all around the neighborhood, will I get to meet the other artists?

A. Wherever possible we place at least two artists at the same venue, or next door. Also we have a Pizza party two or three weeks before the event, to meet up with the other artists.

Q. I’m under 18. Can I Apply?

A. Unfortunately, no. Because Art Hop artists are hosted by volunteer neighbors, we need to avoid any insurance complications. Contact us if your parent is participating with their own tent or in their own home. If you’ll turn 18 before the date of the event, you may apply. In that case, say “Yes” to being over 18, then mention it in the comments in your application.


Q. May I leave early, or just do one day?

A. Normally, no. It's an organizational headache, and we are very few. If Art Hop conflicts with a religious holiday, or you want to make a special request with good reason, please get in touch well in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Q. Can I request a particular venue?

A. If you know someone in our area who will host you, check in with us and we'll be happy to place you there, if it works well! We try to cluster artist together for best traffic.

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