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What the jury looks for 

Guide for artist applicants

  • Hand made - your design commercially printed onto purchased fabrics, ceramics or paper etc. (except photography) does not count as handmade.  These items are permitted, but must only be the minority among art and craft personally handmade or individually created by the artist. 

  • Well crafted - Care and attention given to the finish of the piece, which must be sturdy and well constructed. Some mastery demonstrated, although a professional level is not required. Complete beginners will find it hard to qualify, but Art Hop is open to developing artists and first time art fair participants. Jewelry must demonstrate artistry and dexterity. Purchased, strung beads are not accepted. All should be sturdy and well constructed.

  • Unique and individual - artwork should be an expression of the artist, and be somewhat distinctive. Paintings which are direct copies of a photograph are unlikely to qualify unless, for example, they demonstrate distinctive brushwork. Photography should demonstrate a distinctive vision. Crafts should be recognizably by the artist.

  • We do not accept scented products such as candles and soaps, unless you have your own tent. Even then, they are rarely accepted. 

  • Respectful of people and nature - may also reflect concern for contemporary issues.

  • A balance of different media - each year may bring a glut of one medium. Both the artists and the public benefit from and appreciate a variety of styles and media, so we aim to strike a balance.

  • Presentation. If your work is photographed poorly, your application will not rise to the top. How to prep your photos.

  • Artists must be over the age of 18. Artist-hosts may show their children's work, but the kids won't be listed on the map.

Remember, if you have a tent, great! If you have someone who could host you in the neighborhood, great - but check the address will work! But if not, we find a host venue for you.

Please do read the Prospectus/Artists Agreement, and use our Contact page if you have questions. We hope you'll join us!

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* Our artists are placed on the private property of a host, so it's reasonable to expect that they should be vaccinated & boosted before entering.

Also Mask Up! in crowded areas. Please encourage our visitors to do so too.

Why Vaccination
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