Dates & Rates

for Artists

 June 12, 10am-5pm

 June 13, 12pm-5pm

Art Hop requires vaccination for our participating Artists

Dates and rates are the same for one or both days
May 3     $15 Open for new artists to apply to jury
May 4     $28 Registration for juried or returning artists*
May 21   $40 registration begins UPDATE: NO INCREASE!!
May 29   50% max refund if you cancel**
May 31   last registration date
June 4    no further refunds**
June 12th 10am-5pm Art Hop! 
June 13th noon- 5pm Art Hop!

We can't guarantee you a host! Full refund if we are unable to place you.

*  Accepted by Jury, OR participated in 2019 
**Exceptional circumstances may be considered. 
   Cancellation of Art Hop at any time = 80% jury and registration refund
Please contact us for discount code if jury fee or Registration creates financial hardship for you