Dates & Rates

for Artists

 Sat June 11, 10am-5pm
Sun June 12, 12pm-5pm

Participation is a two step process: Application and Registration.
New artists need to Apply to the jury. Once accepted, Register to participate. Returning artists - that's 
any who didn't participate in 2021, and aren't a "regular": (been in at least 4x) - can go straight to Registration. It's important to read the Artists Agreement first.
Art Hop requires vaccination for our June 2022 participating Artists

March 7    $15 Open for new artists to apply: Application to jury
March 14  $40 Registration opens for juried-in, returning, or host artists*
April 30     Application form for new artists closes at end of day
May 9       Last Jury results emailed (most sent sooner)
May 18     Last $40 Registration date (Artist-hosts still welcome to 27th!)
May 21     50% max refund if you cancel**

May 27     No further refunds**

Sat June 11th 10am-5pm Art Hop! 
Sun June 12th noon- 5pm Art Hop!
*  Juried-in = Received Jury acceptance email
   Returning = participated in Art Hop 
after Oct 2019, or a regular (4x) participant
   Artist-host = FREE Registration when hosting another paying Registered artist

**Exceptional circumstances may be considered. 

   Cancellation of Art Hop at any time = 85% jury and registration will be refunded
   Invalid Registrations if not returning or juried in, any Registration will be invalid
   Applications and Registration may close early if heavily oversubscribed, or if         Covid resurges.
Please contact us for discount code if jury fee or Registration
creates financial hardship for you.

We can't totally guarantee you a host! Full refund in
the rare event that we're unable to place you.