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Hosting an Artist

Our artists are vaccinated. The public don't enter the host's home.

We're on the lookout for hosts for our artists. Our area is between W Liberty and Pauline, from Eberwhite Woods (Soule Blvd) to 5th St.  We try to cluster the artists to create an easy Art Walk around the neighborhood. If you live in this area and you have a sheltered porch, reasonable garage, or flat driveway, please get in touch to find out more!

Just a few of our artists have a tent, so most will be on a porch or in a garage for the two days. Tents can be in a yard or driveway. 

If you can help out, you’ll be matched with an artist (or two for company and to help each other) who’ll contact you to arrange timing and agree on their setup. Our artists are required to be vaccinated. We encourage our artists and visitors to mask up – however visitors do not enter your home! You have no obligations other than to provide a space for art to be displayed, and (preferably) use of your bathroom for your artist/s.

We really are ensconced in the neighborhood, and we depend on the kindness and goodwill of neighbors like you to host our artists.

Thank you!

Is it an Art Fair or an Art Walk? It's both! Westside Art Hop is one of the great local events that people love about Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Be part of it!

Do you live or work in a local area hi-viz place? Could you display a lawn sign?
Lawn sign host
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