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What is Westside Art Hop? 

Ann Arbor's quirkiest art fair!

A cross between an art walk and an art fair, Art Hop springs from Ann Arbor Michigan's lovely historic West Side neighborhood. Our artists are mostly local, ranging from (a few) relative beginners through to experienced professionals.
Many westside homeowners volunteer to host our seventy or more 
artists on their porch, yard or garage. Happy crowds of art-loving visitors, browsers and buyers, come to enjoy a great day out!

If you appreciate art and well-made crafts, and enjoy meeting artists creating a variety of high quality work, don't miss Art Hop!

There's an interactive 
map and printable version marking all the venues where you'll find more than 80 artists. Accessibility is marked too. Begin at venue #1 in the Eberwhite neighborhood, or start at venue #30 on Princeton St with several artists, music and face painting, and work your way back, or just dive in in the middle!

Look out for our Venue signs and for our bright red pennants flying outside each venue!

See you at Westside Art Hop, June 15-16, 2024.  
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Health and happiness, not anxiety! Please mask
around people if they'd prefer it,
-- and leave some space.
Artist: Saidi Bouchra
Sophie Grillet fine artist
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