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Scribe - temp, part time

Temporary Writer for Art Hop Organizational Guide


Person with a very organized mind wanted to codify the tasks and work that make Westside Art Hop happen, and create a handbook.


When: between November 2022 and January 2023 (sooner is better)

Hours (approx): 5-10 hrs meeting (Virtual or preferably in person) to learn what the tasks are;

                         2-4 hrs reading notes and descriptions of tasks already somewhat listed or described

                        5-10 hrs writing and revising with some guidance


Job summary: Westside Art Hop is a local art fair/art walk in Ann Arbor, which takes place twice a year in June and October. It has grown over the years to become a well known and loved event featuring around 90 artists and a pool of regular and occasional volunteer hosts, and now the organizational structure needs to be codified into a handbook, so that tasks can be more efficiently shared between paid and volunteer helpers, and such helpers may be more easily recruited.


To learn what needs to be included in the handbook, various written sources (notes, lists, task calendars etc.) will be provided to the scribe, who will also take notes from interviews with two or three current organizers.

The scribe will then develop a logically sequenced handbook to include everything involved in running Art Hop, the aim being:

  • volunteers and/or paid persons can be recruited with a clear description of what's being asked

  • personnel at any level may change without disruption or loss of 'institutional knowledge', and crucially, 

  • tasks are discrete and fully described so they may be divided out requiring little oversight.

This is a paid position from $25/hr. depending on experience.


Contact with resumé or questions.

Head of Social Media for Westside Art Hop

We're looking for a social media savvy person to keep artists and the public aware and interested in Westside Art Hop. 

Our central focus is on Facebook and especially Instagram, but TikTok is also a visual medium that could be developed. There will be a break from mid June to end of July, and from about mid October to mid March. Art Hop is on the second weekend of June, but will vary to avoid football parking in October.

You should be organized and strategic, willing to work with people who are not social media professionals. You should share our goal of creating a unique artist-friendly fair, enjoyed and appreciated in the neighborhood community and by visitors. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and would wish that to be reflected in our public face. Familiarity with Ann Arbor's Westside Art Hop is a plus, but not required.

When: starting from March 2023 (sooner than usual to learn the ropes)

Hours (approx):

from mid March to mid-June, and from late July to mid October, averaging 10-15 hours per month and not exceeding a total of 30 hours/month.

The Part-Time Head of Social Media will have the following responsibilities:

  • Meetings and email with other Art Hop organizers,

  • Posting and sometimes designing Calls for Artists and other informational posts.

  • Recruitment and (if new) training of Takeover artists. (Normally one artist each week, promoting Art Hop, fellow artists, & their own work in the runup to Art Hop).

  • Meetings, email, and one-on-one discussions with Artists signed up for Social Media Takeovers.

  • Scheduling of social media posts prior to and in-between social media takeovers.

  • Oversight of social media takeovers.

  • Reposting participating artist Instagram posts during the 1-2 weeks prior to the event with a paid app to make it easier.

  • Alerting Art Hop organizers to questions or concerns where necessary.

  • Reposting participating artist Instagram posts during the event, either from home or in person. Ideally also posting live from the event.

  • Logging of activities and time spent, and suggestions for future planning and reference.

This is a paid position from $26-30/hr. depending on experience.


Contact with resumé or questions.