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Unique visitors

Artist, are you..? 



Artists who were in Westside Art Hop in 2018 or last May, and/or artists who have been accepted, can go ahead and Register.
Register for Art Hop: $28, $40 from Sep 16.
Two partner artists  at the same venue: $40, or $58 from Sept 16th, contact us for discount code.
FREE entry for Artist-hosts in our area!
Email us if entry creates financial hardship for you.

New to Art Hop

New Artists are invited to apply to the jury ($10 non-refundable) by sending in four pictures of their work. If you can, please rename jpeg files to include your last name. The "Image Size" app resizes pictures on your phone or tablet.
If accepted, you'll be invited to Register: $28 ($40 from Sept 16th) to participate.