Artist, are you..? 



New to Art Hop

New Artists are invited to apply to the jury ($12 non-refundable) by sending in four pictures of your work. If possible, please rename jpeg files to include your last name. A size of more than 700kb and less than 1.2MB is preferred. (The "Image Size" app resizes pictures on your phone or tablet).
If accepted, you'll be invited to Register: $28 ($40 from April 25th) to participate. 
Artists who were in Art Hop in 2019, and/or artists who have been accepted by the jury, can go ahead and Register.
To Register for Art Hop click on  "Accepted" or "Returning" below.
Registration is FREE for Artist-hosts (local area artists hosting another)! If Art Hop is cancelled, 80% of entry fee refunded if you register by 3/28; 50% thereafter.
Email us if entry creates financial hardship for you.
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